Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review: The Werewolf's Wife by Michele Hauf

I started reading this book while waiting for my car to be serviced. They took forever with the car, and I didn't even car because I was enjoying this book so much.

This is the story of a werewolf, Ridge, who years ago married a witch in Vegas, but the marriage ended as quickly as it began, and he hasn't seen her in thirteen years. He finds her, wanting a divorce, but learns she needs his help to save her son. After some time together, they aren't so sure a divorce is the right move.

Really good book. There are a few issues regarding timing that bothered me. An editor really should have corrected that. But I decided to over look it because otherwise, I really loved this book.

Another great paranormal romance from Michele Hauf.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review: The Confectioner's Tale by Laura Madeleine

I wanted to read this because it was set in Paris and I think the cover is absolutely beautiful.

I like the style of the two time lines - a person in present time learning about a situation that happened in the past. In this case the main character uncovers a letter in her grandfather's things in which he's asking for forgiveness. She then begins to research what he could possibly have done. Her research includes finding a photo of a chocolate shop in Paris and searching for a painting of the same shop.

This summer, I read a a few books written in this same style - all set in Paris, all involving chocolate or art. This may have been my least favorite of those books.

I found the present day story line to be a bit over the top, she's trying to do this research and their is a rival historian trying to steal or sabotage her work. He's this villain, speaking ill of her grandfather in lectures and then stealing her notes in the library. Seemed a bit much.

And the past story line, again, I think it was supposed to be a dramatic love story, but it left me feeling cold. I didn't care all that much about the characters, I felt like the whole falling passionately in love part was sort of glossed over. All the build up seemed to be leading to something much more dramatic than the end result.
Felt a bit anti-climatic.

The book was okay, I didn't by any means hate it, but if I were going to recommend a book set in Paris, with a great love story and some history, I can think of several others I'd mention before this one.

I received a copy of this via NetGalley.