Monday, December 01, 2003

Acid Row – Minnette Walters

I knew after I finished this that I would be done with Minnette Walters, until I could find a copy of Fox Evil at the used store. So I think that might have caused some hesitation at reading this. Also, book was quite different from her usual stuff. Several different storylines that never really meshed. You never get that close to the characters. Her other books have two or three people who become very close to. Not so with this one. Very violent, very harsh. It takes place over one day – there’s a kidnapped child in the hands of a pedophile, a riot on Acid Row and a woman trapped in a home by a rapist. I think she tried to take on too many issues – parental neglect, racism, mob hysteria, lack of education, class differences, etc. Overall, the book was a bit of a let down after rapidly reading through all my other Walters’ books. Hope she goes back to her usual style with the next one.

finished reading Dec. 1, 2003

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