Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Marked by the Vampire by Cynthia Eden

A Vampire's Christmas Carol was the first story I ever read by Cynthia Eden, and I loved it.  I'm also a big fan of her Mine series, so I was looking forward to reading another vampire book by Eden.  Marked by the Vampire is the second book in the Purgatory series.  (The first book, The Wolf Within is the first book, and I believe the ebook is free, at least it was when I got it.)
I enjoyed this book, as well as The Wolf Within, but not as much as I expected I would.  It's entertaining, plenty of action and romance.  Purgatory is a prison for paranormals - werewolves and vampires.  But there's something bad happening there.  Olivia is a doctor who goes into the prison to do some research - she wants to know what makes paranormals kill.  But things go very wrong and Olivia isn't safe.  Shane's a vampire who is working undercover.  Luckily, he's able to assist Olivia in escaping when the prisoners break free.  

There's a lot of action in this book, the characters are constantly on the run or fighting, but I didn't feel like there was much depth to the paranormals.  I guess I wanted to know more about Shane and his vampire past, or how being a vampire affected his life.  He just seemed like a normal guy who happened to also be a vampire.  Also, I didn't feel any strong emotional connection to the characters' romance.  Nonetheless, this is still a fun book.

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.  

I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley.

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