Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Once Upon a Christmas Kiss by Manda Collins

I enjoyed this book. Nice, quick holiday romance. For some reason I tend to really like Christmas historicals - something about the big house party, the fancy clothes and food and it all seems so grand and formal. Makes modern day Christmas seem a little blah.

I like that in this story, the couple had a bit of history and were previously attracted to each other - not a case of "oh, I just met you, now will you marry me." Lucien already had his eye on Winifred when she asks if he'll pretend to be her fiance to protect her from a man who previously threatened her. Lucien agrees, on the condition that she'll at least consider taking the proposal seriously.

There's a bit of a mystery, as several people seem angered by Winifred's presence at the party. Lots of single ladies hoping for a chance with Sir Lucien and they don't this Winifred is of the proper social class for a man like him. But with Lucien's protection, Winifred is never really in any danger. I liked these characters a lot. Winifred is strong and not afraid to speak her mind. I'm especially a fan of the big, strong guy, who isn't a jerk and respects women.

Very nice story. Will be looking to read more by this author. Also, beautiful cover. That's what first drew me to the book.

I received a copy of this via NetGalley.

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