Saturday, June 04, 2016

Review: Billionaire without a Past by Carol Marinelli

I loved this book so much. Billionaire without a Past is the third book I've read by Carol Marinelli and she's becoming one of my favorite Presents authors. She writes the best heroes. This is part of her Irresistible Russian Tycoons series - and all the men in these books were in a foster home together in Russia. They had terrible lives but have managed to become extremely wealthy and successful as adults. What I really like about these men is that they're so good to the women in their lives. Yes, they're powerful and rich and may have some playboy tendencies, but they aren't jerks. I hate that trend in a lot of romances - the guy is a jerk and then he changes over night because he's in love. These guys aren't jerks, at all.

In this book, Nikolai is attending his friend's wedding when he meets Rachel - friend of the bride. For years everyone thought he was dead, and he was okay with that because he was having trouble coming to terms with some events that happened in his past. He and Rachel hook up for the night, and it's just supposed to be for a night but it leads to more.

What Nikolai quickly realizes is that he isn't the only one with secrets in his past. While both he and Rachel have tried to move on with their lives, working hard to make sure they are not defined by their abuse, they have also allowed that to prevent them from finding love in their lives. Nikolai seeing how this has affected someone else enables him to confront his own trauma, as he tries to help Rachel work through hers. I felt the author did an excellent and respectful job handling a very sensitive subject. I felt this book delved into issues much deeper than the typical Harlequin Presents novel and did a great job at doing so.

This book was sexy and passionate and the love story was beautiful. I liked this book so much.

I received a copy of this via NetGalley. 

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