Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Goodreads Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Angel has completed her goal of reading 65 books in 2013!
81 of 65 (100%)      

This makes me very happy.  Two years ago, my reading goal was thirty books, and I thought it was awesome that I read 38 books that year.  Last year, my goal was 50, and I read 60.  This year, my goal was 65, and I read 81.  However, I should point out that quite a few of those books were novellas - only around 100 pages each.  On the other hand, I made it through a few 800+ page books, so I guess it all balances out in the end.

Also, I know not everything I read is what might be considered literature, but I read for me, for enjoyment, entertainment, escape, fun.  I'm not in school anymore - well, I'm not a student.  Reading all that high quality literature didn't do me a whole lot of good now, did it?  I still read literature, and I learn something from almost everything I read, so it's all good. 

I've already started my reading list for 2014.  There are currently 63 books on the list, but I know that will change weekly.  I'll add some, remove a few, all depending on my mood and what's available or catches my interest.  I've already have a fairly good idea as to what I'll be reading for the next two months.  A nice mix of paranormal romance, vampires, and historical fiction and a memoir or two.  These are the things that get excited :)

In more long term reading plans, I'm wanting to finish up the Outlander series in the next few months.  Also planning to start re-reading the PD James books, in order.  I think I have the first three on my kindle.  The big read I have planned for this summer is Doctor Zhivago.  I've wanted to read that for a while. 

I'll probably set this year's goal at 75 books.  Anyway, happy reading to all!  Going to get back to reading City of Lost Dreams now, had hoped to add this as my last book of 2013, but I guess instead it will be my first of 2014.

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