Sunday, February 09, 2014

Review: Crazy Stupid Sex by Maisey Yates

As I’ve said in other reviews, I’m a big fan of Maisey Yates’ Harlequin Presents novels.  Crazy Stupid Sex is a Cosmo Red-Hot Reads, and in some ways similar to the Presents books that I love so much. 

As I began reading this, I almost immediately thought, and probably not for the first time, that what I love about Yates’ characters is that she’s basically writing about me or rather, people like me.  Okay, I’m not gorgeous, or wildly successful in business, or come from a wealthy family, and I’m about ten or so years older than most of her heroines.  So, to be clear, if her characters were average looking, mid-thirty, school teachers, she’d be writing about me.  And by that I mean, the personality of the characters.  The way they sort of focused on getting through life, doing their job, doing what needs to be done, and not really thinking all that much about men because they had more important things to do.  (That’s my story I’m sticking to it.)  Then when they do find themselves in a situation involving a guy, they’re really awkward and not sure about how to proceed.  Hmm, am I revealing too much here?  Probably.  Oh whatever, but I do own a Doctor Who shirt, I own a few shirts, like the heroine in this book.  So there, we’re just alike, sort of.
Evie’s a 27-year-old millionaire who is working with a magazine to design an app to help people flirt and hook up.  She just got out of a long, boring relationship, so she’s out trying to gather information for her app because she doesn’t have any experience in this area.  While doing this, she meets Caleb.  He’s just looking for a good time, and Evie realizes that might be exactly what she needs.  The two end up learning quite a bit from each other. 

Fast-paced, cute, funny, sexy story.  As I figured I would, I liked it a lot.  It’s the type of story that draws you in immediately and keeps you entertained the entire time.  At this point, I’m pretty certain that you can’t go wrong with anything written by Maisey Yates. 

I received a copy of this via NetGalley. 

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