Saturday, February 22, 2014

Review: Portrait of a Scandal by Annie Burrows

I think Portrait of a Scandal may have been my first Harlequin Historical, and I very much enjoyed it.  I selected this book because it takes place in Paris and it’s about an artist. 
Amethyst travels to Paris to make some business connections.  She’s a wealthy, independent, single businesswoman, thanks to an aunt who trained her then left her business to her.  Amethyst was a disappointment to her family because she didn’t marry well.  She fell in love with a man who rejected her and then lost interest in the debutant scene.  So her aunt took her in, showed her that she could do just fine without a man.
But while she’s in Paris, she runs into the man who broke her heart.  He’s sitting in a restaurant, drawing portraits for the customers.  She assumes he’s living in poverty, and he thinks she’s a kept woman. This is just the beginning of some of their misunderstandings – past and present. 

The attraction is still there.  But they’re both angry and out for revenge.  And their attempts to get back at each other makes for a very entertaining, romantic, sexy story. 

I liked this book a lot.  I especially liked that the heroine was so smart and independent.  She was in complete control of her life.  She didn’t need a man, but realized it was okay to want one. 

Will definitely be looking to read more by this author and more Harlequin Historicals.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.

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