Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: For His Eyes Only by Liz Fellows

I selected this book because it was about an artist, and as a wannabe artist, I'm drawn to stories about artists.

But I didn't like this story all that much.  A real estate agent, Natasha, is trying to sell a huge, expensive country home - which is owned by a somewhat reclusive artist, Darius.  The agent's full page ad is sabotaged by a co-worker, and to prove she's still the best at her job, Natasha approaches Darius and asks for another chance to try and sell his house.

I might have liked the story more if not for the ridiculous descriptions of the two characters reactions to each other.  Upon first setting eyes on each other, it sounded as if they were experiencing strange allergic reactions.  She couldn't breathe, could barely stand, stomach clenching - well, that's sexy.  It was too much.  And Darius was the same way, his instant attraction to her was unreasonable.

I got tired of hearing how plump Natasha was - all because of her childhood filled with illness and her parents insisting she eat a lot.  This is described as if too much custard was some form of mild child abuse.  These characters both have these sad incidents in their past, but it doesn't seem to have much effect on them.  They tell their stories then they move on.

I never felt a strong connection to these characters.  I was too busy skimming over the excessive descriptions of their bodies' weird physical reactions to each other.  I never felt like I knew much of anything about these two characters except that they were very attracted to each other.

I considered quitting this book midway through because I simply didn't like the characters very much, but I finished it, but now I really can't even remember exactly how it ended. 

I received a review copy of this via NetGalley.

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