Sunday, April 06, 2014

Review: A Night with the Bride by Kate McKinely

Night with the Bride is the third novella in the By Invitation Only trilogy.  I've read all three of the stories, but not sure how they're connected.  Maybe they were all at the same party?  I probably read them too far apart from each other to remember.  However, I mention this only to point out that they stand alone just fine.

This is a very quick story.  Sometimes when I'm between books or in the midst of reading something heavy, I want a quick story to read before bed, and this served that purpose. 

In this story, Gabriella makes a bet with her friends that she can claim a kiss from the Duke of Somerset.  This escalates quickly.  She ends up getting much more than a kiss.  And she realizes the reason people call the Duke mad is because he suffers from what we would consider a form of obsessive compulsive disorder.  He's haunted by dark thoughts of his sister dying and he has counting issues.  Rather than frighten Gabriella, she's finds herself drawn to him, having had an uncle suffer from a similar condition and realizing the Duke needs help not ridicule. 

I enjoyed the story, though I did think they resolved their issues rather quickly.  But this being a short story, they didn't have much time. 

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