Friday, December 13, 2013

Review: Midwinter Magic by Erica Ridley

This was a cute story.  Not one of my favorites, but I liked it.  I think it may have been a little too light-hearted and a bit silly to win me over completely.

After a congressional hearing in which Jack realized all the bad things in which he and his company were
involved, he decides to devote himself to helping others.  While in a Bolivian village during the Christmas holidays, he runs into a strange woman though.  She seems to appear out of nowhere, wearing a Lakers jersey and a cupcake in her hair. 

The strange woman is his guardian angel, Sarah Phimm.  She was supposed to remain invisible.  But she starts breaking a lot of rules, because she's fallen in love with Jack. 

As I said, I thought parts of this were a little too silly - like her clothes.  If she's been following Jack around his whole life, as well as many humans before him, shouldn't she have a better understanding of what people wear?  A Motley Crue tshirt and a poodle skirt, while in a village in Bolivia.  I'd think that living and observing for thousands of years should have provided her with more wisdom, but she seemed a little clueless.  I don't stories in which the women are silly and goofy, especially when that woman is an angel.  Angels should be strong and intelligent.  At least that's the kind of angels I like to read about.

Anyway, Jack is drawn to Sarah because she knows exactly what he wants and likes.  And being around Jack and interacting with him - not just watching him - makes Sarah realize she's tired of living the solitary life of a guardian angel.

Things get complicated, there's all kinds of drama as Jack takes all sorts of foolish risks now that he knows he has a guardian angel watching him.  Sarah is certain she's going to lose her job and live the rest of eternity in misery.  But in the end, of course, they work things out.

It's an okay story.  I like my stories a little darker and intense, but that's just me and that isn't very holiday-ish of me.  Would suit anyone looking for something fun and lighthearted, with a holiday message about helping others and doing what you think is right.

I received a review copy of this via NetGalley.

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