Thursday, December 05, 2013

Review: Once Upon a Highland Christmas by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

I enjoyed this story quite a bit.  I read it because after a week in Edinburgh this summer, I developed something of a fixation on all things Scottish.  This story certainly satisfied my interest with its details of life in the Highlands around Christmas/Yuletide.

This is a very nice romance.  I liked the characters involved.  A highland warrior, Grim, and a woman, Breena, who views her status as something of a servant - she was kidnapped from her home in Ireland, and ended up at Duncreag when the men who took her tried to take over that castle.  The men who took her were defeated, and she's remained at the castle because she doesn't have a home to which she can return. 

Breena's always been attracted to Grim, but feels as though she isn't worthy of a warrior like him.  Grim has feelings for Breena, but has kept them hidden because he heard she had a man waiting for her in Ireland.  (Turns out she just said this because she wanted people to leave her alone and because she didn't think she had a chance with the only man she wanted - Grim.)

They find themselves alone together one night when Breena thinks Grim is taking down the Christmas decorations she put up.  This year, there is to be no Christmas at the castle because of recent tragedies.  But Breena is determined to add a touch of holiday cheer to the castle.  Turns out Grim has is own plans to create a Yuletide celebration at the castle.  Learning this, Breena decides to help Grim carry out his plan.  And, of course, while they're doing this, they become very aware of their mutual attraction for each other.  

Not a lot of angst or drama, it's a simple story about two people falling in love as they work to bring Christmas to a sad old man and the castle over which he presides.

I found their story to be very romantic and I especially liked how their first kiss seemed to go on for about three pages (maybe a slight exaggeration, but nonetheless, I enjoyed reading it).  Very good chemistry between the characters.  Also, loved the descriptions of the "secret" tower room with the view of the moonlight.

Very nice story, perfect for a quick holiday read.

I received a copy of this via NetGalley.

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