Monday, December 09, 2013

Review: Million Dollar Christmas Proposal by Lucy Monroe

Despite this having Christmas in the title, it didn't feel like all that much of a holiday story.  The story takes place over several months, there's more information about Thanksgiving.  Not all that much about Christmas or Christmas traditions or anything like that.  Despite that, it's still an enjoyable story. 

I am not a huge fan of stories that involve children.  And I knew going into this that children would be involved.  The basis of the story is that a wealthy man is looking for a mother for his niece and nephew, so of course the kids are a big deal.  That is what I liked least about the book, but didn't by any means ruin the story for me.

Audrey finds out that her boss, Enzu, is searching for a wife and a mother to his adopted children.  Audrey is in dire need of money to help pay for her brother's college education.  Also, she likes the idea of making a difference in the lives of these children who have lost their parents.  So she approaches her boss, letting him know she would like to interview for the position.

The idea of someone buying a wife is a little icky to me.  The interview process and the way it was handled seemed creepy.  Also, turns out Audrey has had a big crush on her boss for a while, even though he didn't know who she was until she walked into his office to express her interest in the job of being his wife.  However, immediately, he's attracted to her.

I found all the scenes in which Audrey is lecturing Enzu about how to be a parent to be kind of boring.  She sounded like such a know-it-all.  Like one of those parents you really hate being around because their way is the only way.  Yes, she'd raised her brother, but only since he was twelve, so it wasn't like she was an expert on small children.  She claimed she'd done lots of research.  But still.  As I said before, I'm simply not a fan of stories that involve children, that isn't romantic to me. 

Despite not feeling very strongly about the characters, they had some very hot scenes. Surprisingly hot, considering I felt they were fairly boring people - all work and family and do everything by the book, according to rules and contracts.  Honestly, their steamy scenes together was probably the redeeming quality of this book.  Otherwise, I doubt I would have liked this book as much at I did.

I read this one day while I was iced it.  Quick read.  Not especially deep or emotional, but entertaining.  I almost felt as if the ending was actually the beginning of the real story - like it ended and my first thought was wait, this is just getting started. 

I received a review copy of this via NetGalley.

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