Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review: Close Enough to Touch by Victoria Dahl

I loved this book so much. Last night, or rather in the early morning hours, when I went to bed, I told myself I'd just read a chapter or two.  I didn't stop reading until I'd finished - and then I went to sleep after the sun was up and the birds were singing.  Worth it.

This is such a great book, and normally I avoid cowboy stories.  I don't like cowboys.  I grew up in rural west Texas, surrounded by cowboys, and I don't think there is anything sexy about them.  But I didn't even bother reading the description of this book, decided to read it based on the author.  So I was hesitant for a moment when I realized this story involved a cowboy, but I got over it quickly.  Alas, Dahl is a magician for creating a cowboy character that even I find to be appealing.  So very appealing.

What I love most about this book is Grace.  She's the sort of character to which I can relate.  She has big dreams, but has trouble putting those dreams into action.  She's supposed to be a grown up, but can't quite get her act together.  She's spent so much of her life simply trying to survive and stay safe and not get hurt that she's not had much chance to really live her life, much less enjoy it. Now she's reached a point in which she wants to change but isn't quite sure how.  I know this is supposed to be a "fun" romance, but there were scenes in this book that brought tears to my eyes when Grace starts thinking about her life and how it feels to be so tired you just want it to end, and the fear of growing older and realizing you've alone because you worked so hard at keeping a safe distance from anyone who might hurt you.  Maybe those scenes hit a little close to home, which is why I loved the book because stories like this make a hard, jaded person like me believe, if only for a moment, that things won't always be this way.

Also, Grace is not the sort of person who would ever fall for a cowboy, so again, I can relate. She's a city person.  She's just passing through.  But the cowboy across the hall is very tempting.  And he's got secrets of his own.  He's not quite the simple, easy-going cowboy Grace first imagined him to be.

This couple despite, or maybe, because of their differences, have amazing chemistry.  The sex scenes are so damn hot.  Add the actual romance and emotion to that, makes for easily one of my favorite romance novels.

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