Monday, March 09, 2015

Review: Need Me by Cynthia Eden

I very much enjoyed this book, the third in Cynthia Eden's Dark Obsession series.  This was another that I devoured while traveling - this one on the return trip from New York City.  Really the perfect kind of book to keep the mind occupied while waiting in an airport or passing the time on an airplane.  Fast paced, lots of action, danger and suspense, along with plenty of steamy romance.
I liked this one a bit less than the other two in the series, I didn't find the heroine to be as likable.  But I still enjoyed it.  The book is a stand alone, but I really liked how the same characters appear in each book.  I recommend reading all three, and in order.  Because I read them all so close to each other, it sort of formed one big story in my head.  

As in each of the stories, a woman in danger hires a body guard to protect her after she feels her life has been threatened.  In this case, the woman is the beautiful young wife of a man found dead.  She's accused of the murder, but she claims she's innocent - even though she can't remember the details of the night her husband died.  Now she's worried the person who killed her husband is also after her.  There are several suspects, quite a few twists and turns.  And of course, the hot bodyguard falls for the woman he's protecting.  

I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys quick, fun, romantic suspense.

I received a review copy via NetGalley.

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