Saturday, March 07, 2015

Review: Want Me by Cynthia Eden

I began reading Want Me, the second book in Cynthia Eden's Dark Obsession series, as soon as I finished the first book in the series, Watch Me.

I was traveling from Dallas to Newark, NJ, on a Saturday, and I found myself looking forward to diving into this book.  This type of story is perfect for travel.  Lots of action and suspense and romance.  After I got on the plane, I was only slightly aware of the delay because I was absorbed into the book immediately.  Of course, then it turned into an hour on the runway, get off the plane, get on another plane and then another hour on the runway.  Flight was delayed again, this time something to do with catering.  Whatever the case, I finished reading this book before we landed and was able to start the third in the series - though I wouldn't get back to it until the return flight.

The stories are fun, not exactly literature or deep or thought provoking.  Beautiful woman in danger, hires sexy guy to protect her.  Their lives are in danger multiple times, lots of fighting with bad guys and gunfire, and along the way the couple falls for each other and has some very hot sex.  But what makes these books stand out, and what I especially like about them is that the women are really tough and badass.  These aren't weak, flailing beauties dependent on a man for their very survival.  They hold their own.  Yes, they hired a professional body guard because they're in danger.  But they aren't curled up a corner watching their bodyguard save them.

In this book, Sophie, a successful attorney, hires Lex for protection, when she suspects she is being stalked.  She's made a lot of enemies and she's got friends with some shady pasts.  This makes for a lot of twists and turns in their attempts to figure out who is stalking her.  Lots of suspense here.  Along the way, as their lives are put in danger numerous times, the intensity of the situation ramps up Sophie and Lex's attraction to each other.

I love these books.  Love this series.  For a moment, after I climbed onto the plane and noticed my excitement at having a few uninterrupted hours to read this book, I thought of how odd it might seem that I like these books so much.  I almost felt a craving for them.  In another review I described the book as "mind candy."  It's danger, action and romance.   All the fun things that don't exist in my real life.  I feel like there's an essay topic there waiting to be explored.  Why an independent, educated woman gets so much satisfaction in stories about big, strong protective men?  Maybe because in the real world, in my experience at least - I have no statistics to back this up - big, strong, hot men don't like strong women.  They'd prefer someone frail, someone who needs them.  But in books, it's okay for a woman to be strong, and in books like this, the men respect that, they think it's sexy.  This may be why I love books like this.  Perfect escape from the real world.

Like I said, essay topic I'll explore further at some point.  For now though, I highly recommend this book - this whole series, really - to anyone who wants an action packed story with plenty of suspense and romance.

The book works as a stand alone, but I'd recommend reading the whole series, because they're really good and the characters reappear in each story, which I think adds to the story.

I received a review copy of this via NetGalley.

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